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Fans of strong heroines: You will absolutely love this novel that blends chick-lit and romantic suspense into one irresistible New York story.

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"If there was an award for breakthrough author, I would nominate Abby Vegas. I truly believe she is one to watch in the future!"


- Feeding My Addiction Book Reviews

"Whip-smart yet warm enough to melt the most frozen heart. Abby’s writing is brilliant and sharp, neatly exposing the thought process behind Lane’s choices, both good and bad, and her resolve in dealing with the consequences."

The Filthy Critic

A smartly written novel that connects with the heart as well as the mind... There is a perfect amount of suspense and unpredictability, with twists and turns that indulge the reader in a romantic plot but never losing the grit, humor and sarcasm of a truly great book!

"The hope, angst, romance, touches of suspense and the heartwarming characters make this book an altogether captivating read."

Goodreads Reviewer

"Oof. This book hit me right in the feels."

Gary Shteyngart

Goodreads Reviewer

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