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For readers of Fangirling Armitage: Four Years in the Richard Armitage Fandom - here are some extra goodies to go along with the book!

Haven't read this delightful memoir? Grab it now on audiobook and ebook!

Rochester, Michigan, August 2012 - Into the Storm set visit. With my mother-in-law.


New York City, November 2012 - Anderson Live show taping

New York City, 2013 - The Hobbit Fan Event. (When Armitage gets into your head...)

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Go to: Extras

Winter of 2013 - 2014. Various locations including Dublin, Ireland.

January 2014, New York City - Proust/Pinter at the 92nd Street Y.

(Vanessa FINALLY got her picture!)

New York City, August 2014. Into the Storm premiere, red carpet.

(Check out the videos of our interview!)

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