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Fangirling Armitage

Ever feel like you’re fangirling a little too hard over a celebrity? You’re not alone. In this fast-paced, laugh-out-loud memoir, Abby Vegas dives head-first into the fandom of handsome British actor Richard Armitage (who starred in The Hobbit, North & South, and Ocean’s 8). It’s one crazy ride—but will she achieve her goal of meeting him face to face?

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Clean Break: A Novel

Lane Haviland can’t seem to catch a break. She’s dead broke, barely functioning as an adult, and completely alone in New York City. Her so-called “apartment” is a six-by-nine cell in a Brooklyn basement. And her new boss hasn’t ever met a personal or professional boundary she can’t bulldoze through.


Still, Lane’s determined to at least attempt to claw her way back to respectability. But she can’t seem to get her mysterious handyman, Viktor, out of her apartment—or her headspace. Maybe that’s a good thing: Viktor’s easy on the eyes, and that deep-voiced Russian accent is beyond sexy. But as he and Lane grow closer, he can no longer hide his connections with a dangerous criminal underworld—where secrets can be deadly.


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Living La Vida Vegas


In my twenties, I had a lot of fun. Maybe too much. I chronicled my Las Vegas adventures in a series of trip reports and I've compiled four of my favorites into a single volume.

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